Safe surgeries

All are welcome!

Your nationality or immigration status do not affect your right to register here

We are a Safe Surgery for everyone in our practice area.

  • Everyone living in England has the right to free care from a GP.
  • Ask reception for an interpreter if you find it difficult to communicate in English.
  • Our receptionists won’t ask you about your immigration status.
  • If you are worried about giving us your address, please let us know. Your information is safe with us.

Coronavirus and Patient Registration

During the Coronavirus outbreak we ask patients to be alert and note a slightly different approach to registering new patients. 

Please attend the surgery with your ID documents in an envelope that can be left with the reception team rather than originals that you would need to wait with 

The reception team can advise you how best to do this by calling us at a quiet time on 01422 305970

New patients can register online, or present at the surgery to do this. Patients will be notified within 14 days of any decision to reject a registration with reasons for the rejection. Please note that registration is NOT  complete until you have given the surgery your photo id, a signed application form and a proof of your address. Due to data protection we will destroy all registrations that have not been completed within 14 days. If this happens then a new registration will be required. 

Once you register with the practice you will receive a registration pack which we ask you read in full.

Online Registration

Click here to complete the online registration form

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